Princess Elizabeth reading a book in Buckingham Palace on July 19, 1946

The Big Jubilee Read: 21 Booker books to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

In summer 2022, the Reading Agency and BBC Arts teamed up for the Big Jubilee Read - a list of 70 books by Commonwealth authors, with 10 from each decade of the Queen’s reign. Below, find out more about the authors and books on the list who are part of the Booker family

The Big Jubilee Read campaign emphasised reading for pleasure, with one book chosen for each year of the Queen’s reign, featuring writers from across the Commonwealth.

Suzy Klein, head of arts and classical music TV at the BBC, said: ‘The list of 70 books is a real opportunity to discover stories from across continents and taking us through the decades, books that we might never have otherwise read, and reading authors whose work deserves a spotlight to be shone on it.’

There are 21 Booker Prize winning, shortlisted and longlisted novels on the list, and a total of 31 authors from the Booker family, including past judges as well as nominated writers.

Main photograph © Lisa Sheridan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images