Carol Shields presents a fictionalised autobiography chronicling the 20th century life of a seemingly ordinary woman born in Canada in 1905.

Written in diary form, The Stone Diaries follows the long and eventful life of Daisy Goodwill Flett, a, Canadian woman, born in 1905 out of love and tragedy. The book follows Daisy’s life through marriage, motherhood and widowhood as she ages with the century, in a subtle and evocative portrait of one woman’s unique - therefore exceptional - life.

The Booker Prize 1993
Published by
Fourth Estate
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Carol Shields

Carol Shields

About the Author

Carol Shields was born in Chicago but spent much of her life in Canada and England. She published six novels and two collections of short stories.
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It is at once a playful sendup of the art of biography and a serious exploration of the essential mystery of human lives; the gist of this many-faceted story is that all biographies are only versions of the facts

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