Each year, the Booker Prize brings together the six authors whose books have been shortlisted in that year. 

After a break on in person events necessitated by the pandemic, the 2021 Booker Prize authors gathered in Coventry and London for evenings of discussion, readings and meeting readers.

See pictures, reactions and more from the events below.

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The book is really a study of different kinds of yearning – it’s a novel about living with absence

Anuk Arudpragasam at a podium, looking into the distance.

Readers imaginations have to fill in the gaps on the map

Damon Galgut standing at a podium putting on his glasses.

If i could eat the internet in some way and then burst, I would do that for everyone in this room

Patricia Lockwood stands at a podium with a banner for The Booker Prize behind her to the left.

I fell in love with Tiger Bay, it felt like a historic version of Britain that I could see myself in

Nadifa Mohamed sits in a chair with her hand in front of her face mid-speech.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the world’s most famous child, who once declared her autism her superpower

Richard Powers speaking at a podium.
Maggie Shipstead speaks at a podium with a banner for The Booker Prize on the right side.

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