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The 2022 shortlist includes previous winners Olga Tokarczuk and Jennifer Croft alongside authors translated into English for the first time. The shortlist spans six languages: Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi and Polish. 

Wildly original works of literature that will captivate readers, this year’s shortlisted books all explore trauma, whether on an individual or societal level. 

Meet the authors and translators

There is no art more intimate than fiction, no connection more electrifying than that between writer and reader. Among an author’s most privileged, most attentive readers are the translators tasked with bringing a work from one language to another. To this day, I am in awe of the strange magic performed by people I now consider colleagues, and friends.

The Shortlist


Translated by Sam Bett David Boyd

A New Name, Septology VI-VII

Translated by Damion Searls

Cursed Bunny

Translated by Anton Hur

The Longlist

The 2022 judges

Borges famously believed that paradise would be 'a kind of library', and spending the past year in the company of some of the world’s great writers and their equally gifted translators has been a kind of heaven. From the intimate to the epic, the numinous to the profane, the books make up a passionately debated longlist that trace a ring around the world. These 13 titles from 12 countries and 11 languages explore the breadth and depth of human experience, and are a testament to the power of language and literature.

The five judges, led by Frank Wynne, bring together a wealth of experience as world-class readers, writers, critics and translators. The discussions they will have about the books in contention for the 2022 International Booker Prize will be a masterclass of modern literary appreciation.

— Fiammetta Rocco, Administrator of the International Booker Prize