Samanta Schweblin creates a dark and complex world that is both familiar and unsettling. Largely because we recognise it as the one we live in. Translated by Megan McDowell.

They’ve infiltrated homes in Hong Kong, shops in Vancouver, schools in Tel Aviv, bedrooms in Indiana. They’re not pets, nor ghosts, nor robots. They’re real people. Schweblin’s wildly imaginative novel reveals the beauty of connection between far-flung souls - but also exposes the ugly truth of our increasingly linked world. Trusting strangers can lead to unexpected love, playful encounters and marvellous adventures, but what if it can also pave the way for unimaginable terror?

The 2020 International Booker Prize
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Samanta Schweblin

Samanta Schweblin

About the Author

Samanta Schweblin is the author of three story collections that have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Juan Rulfo Story Prize.
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Megan McDowell

Megan McDowell

About the Translator

Megan McDowell has translated books by many contemporary South American and Spanish authors, including Samanta Schweblin, Alejandro Zambra and Mariana Enriquez.
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