A vivid tale of suspense and passion that peels away the veneer of modern life. One of five novels the prolific author Julian Rathbone set in Spain.

A product of the swinging sixties, Lewis ‘King’ Fisher is a radical American academic directing a production of Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens at an English university, where he also gives a lecture on Lord of the Flies. Elements of both works are echoed later in the book, where he and his lover, Nadia, head deep into the Spanish mountains in search of freedom. Events then take a darker turn as - cursing mankind and civilisation - the protagonists slip deeper and deeper into depravity.

The Booker Prize 1976
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Michael Joseph
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Julian Rathbone

Julian Rathbone

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Julian Rathbone's novel Diamonds Bid was published in 1967. It was the first of many books in a career that spanned more than 40 years.
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