A man’s life spirals out of control in Virginia Reeves’ deeply affecting story of dispossession, injustice and redemption, set in 1920s rural Alabama.

When his scam to syphon electricity from the state goes tragically wrong, Roscoe, an electrician turned farmer, finds his whole life collapsing around him. As he goes to trial he is abandoned by his wife, leaving him to face his 20-year sentence alone. No longer an electrician or even a farmer, an unmoored Roscoe must now carve out his place in a dangerous and violent new world.

The Man Booker Prize 2016
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Scribner UK
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Virginia Reeves

Virginia Reeves

About the Author

The fates have a say in the life of Virginia Reeves; she has one husband, two daughters and a three-legged pit bull terrier and their house has survived both a major earthquake and a fire.
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