A hero - or a liar? Javier Cercas unravels the real Enric Marco and delves into humankind’s deep and conflicting needs for both fiction and truth. Translated by Frank Wynne.

The Impostor is a true story packed with fiction - fiction created by its main character, Enric Marco. But who is Enric Marco? A veteran of the Spanish civil war, a fighter against fascism, an impassioned campaigner for justice, and a survivor of the Nazi death camps? Or an old man with delusions of grandeur, a beguiling and compulsive liar who refashioned himself as a defender of liberty and who was unmasked in 2005 at the height of his influence and renown?

The Man Booker International Prize 2018
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MacLehose Press
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Javier Cercas

Javier Cercas

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Javier Cercas was born in Ibahernando, Spain, in April 1962.
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