On the eve of the Soweto riots, narrator Martin Mynhardt, André Brink’s hard-nosed Afrikaner businessman, stubbornly clings to his view of the world.

Winter in South Africa: a time of searing drought, angry stirrings in Soweto, and the shadow of the Angolan conflict cast across the scorched bush. Martin Mynhardt, a wealthy Afrikaner, plans a weekend at his old family farm. But his visit coincides with a time of crisis in his personal life. In a few days the security of a lifetime is destroyed and, with only the uncertain values of his past to guide him, Mynhardt is left to face the wreckage of his future.

The Booker Prize 1978
Published by
W.H. Allen
Publication date
André Brink

André Brink

About the Author

André Brink was born in Vrede, South Africa. The author of several highly acclaimed novels, he is one of South Africa's most prominent writers.
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