Based on historical events, André Brink’s epic novel is the unforgettable story of a strong woman's fierce determination to survive.

The year is 1832, and the Cape is rife with rumours about the liberation of the slaves. Philida is the mother of four children by Francois Brink, the son of her master, who has reneged on his promise to have her set free. Instead, she is to be sold to owners in the harsh country up north. Unwilling to accept this fate, Philida sets off on a journey across the great wilderness to try to secure some form of justice.

The Man Booker Prize 2012
Published by
Harvill Secker
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André Brink

André Brink

About the Author

André Brink was born in Vrede, South Africa. The author of several highly acclaimed novels, he is one of South Africa's most prominent writers.
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