Joseph O’Neill plumbs the depths and shallows of male friendship in his dazzling tale of belonging and not belonging - and the uneasy state in between.

Lost in a country he had come to regard as his new home, Hans seeks comfort in a most alien place - the thriving world of New York cricket, where immigrants from Asia and the West Indies play a mystifying game in the city’s most marginal parks. Here, Hans befriends Chuck Ramkissoon, full of dreams and schemes, and the sense of American possibility. Over the course of a summer, Hans grows to share Chuck’s vision - until he begins to glimpse the darker side of his new friend’s ambitions.

The Man Booker Prize 2008
Published by
4th Estate
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Joseph O'Neil

Joseph O'Neill

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Joseph O’Neill is a double Booker longlistee (2008 and 2014) who read law at university rather than English because ‘literature was too precious’ to demystify it by too much academic analysis.
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