William Trevor relates the events of one long summer, when a dangerously reckless attachment evokes a storm of passion in a small Irish town.

Nothing much ever happens in Rathmoye. So it doesn’t go unnoticed when a dark-haired stranger appears on his bicycle and begins photographing the mourners at Mrs Connulty’s funeral. Florian Kilderry couldn’t know that the Connultys were said to own half the town. In any case, he claims he only came to Rathmoye to see the scorched remains of the cinema. But Mrs Connulty’s bitter daughter, liberated by the death of her imperious mother, resolves to keep an eye on Florian Kilderry…

The Man Booker Prize 2009
Published by
Viking, Penguin
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William Trevor

William Trevor

About the Author

William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown, Ireland. He wrote many novels, and was a renowned writer of short stories.
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