László Krasznahorkai’s collection of 21 stories, each about ‘speeding our body toward annihilation, and immersing ourselves in a current of thought’. Translated by Ottilie Muzlet, George Szirtes and John Batki.

An utterly astonishing collection of tales from the master of invention. A Hungarian interpreter obsessed with waterfalls, at the edge of the abyss in his own mind, wanders the chaotic streets of Shanghai. A traveller, reeling from the sights and sounds of Varanasi, encounters a giant of a man on the banks of the Ganges ranting on the nature of a single drop of water. A child labourer in a Portuguese marble quarry wanders off from work one day into a surreal realm alien from his daily toils…

The Man Booker International Prize 2018
Published by
Tuskar Rock Press, Serpent's Tail
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László  Krasznahorkai

László Krasznahorkai

About the Author

László Krasznahorkai is a Hungarian novelist and screenwriter known for difficult and demanding novels, often labeled postmodern, with dystopian and melancholic themes.
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Ottilie Mulzet

Ottilie Muzlet

About the Translator

Ottilie Mulzet was born in Toronto, Canada, in July 1960.

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George Szirtes

George Szirtes

About the Translator

George Szirtes is a poet, translator and biographer.
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John Batki

John Batki

About the Translator

John Batki was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1942.

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