D.M. Thomas’ modern classic of enduring emotional power was heralded by Salman Rushdie as a novel of ‘blazing imagination and intellectual thought’.

It is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence, recounted by a young woman to her analyst, Sigmund Freud. It is a horrifying yet restrained narrative of the Holocaust. It is a searing vision of the wounds of our century and an attempt to heal them. Interweaving poetry and case history, fantasy and historical truth-telling, The White Hotel attempts nothing less than to reconcile the notion of individual destiny with that of historical fate.

The Booker Prize 1981
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D. M. Thomas

D.M. Thomas

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D. M. Thomas was born in Redruth, England. He is a poet and novelist, and his 1981 novel The White Hotel is considered a modern classic.
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