Julia Darling’s inventive and often moving portrayal of a family on the verge of collapse, delivered with wit and sympathetic humour.

When her mother is sent to prison for three months for assaulting a policeman with a stiletto shoe, fifteen-year-old Caris goes gently off the rails. While her taxi-driver father Mac attempts to keep the family together, Caris meets George, a boy from the other side of the vale and from a very different sort of family. Their relationship leads her away from school and what she has known into a new and unnerving world - and looks set to throw the family into terrifying chaos.

The Man Booker Prize 2003
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The Taxi Driver's Daughter

Julia Darling

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Julia Darling, longlisted for The Taxi Driver’s Daughter, was born in the house Jane Austen died in, so her fate was settled early: what else could she do but write?
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