Alan Warner presents an unforgettable story of female friendship, as six young women meet at Gatwick - and prepare to go on the rampage.

Look out, World! Six 20-something women gather at Gatwick Airport, and their only certain destination appears to be mayhem. With Alan Warner’s pitch-perfect ear for dialogue, pinpoint characterisation and glorious set-pieces, this is a novel propelled by conversation through excess and debauchery, hilarity and sadness. Resembling the young women at its centre, The Stars in the Bright Sky is vivid and brimming with life - in all its humour, squalor and rage.

The Man Booker Prize 2010
Published by
Jonathan Cape
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Alan Warner

Alan Warner

About the Author

The Scots-born Alan Warner had a lively pre-writing career path: after immersing himself in the Spanish rave scene he worked as a train driver, musician, barman and bouncer (he is six foot three). 
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