The shifting loyalties of five children and the secrets of the adults around them combine with tragic consequences in Naeem Murr’s captivating novel.

At the age of five, Rajiv Travers, the child of an Indian mother and English father, finds himself shipped off to America to the house of his uncle's mistress, Ruth. The small Missouri backwater that Ruth lives in turns out to be as exotic and strange to Rajiv as he is to its inhabitants. His close friendship with four local children helps him settle into his new life, but also leads to his discovery of a terrible secret that shadows the whole community.

The Man Booker Prize 2006
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Naeem Murr

Naeem Murr

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According to Naeem Murr, ‘Any creative endeavour of any significance is simply not possible. Until it is done.’ Which is why, perhaps, he has written just three novels.
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