In a freezing, isolated Siberia of 1919, James Meek poses a crucial question: under what circumstances is it justifiable to eat another human being?

Welcome to Siberia in 1919. Deep in the unforgiving landscape a town lies under military rule, awaiting the remorseless assault of Bolsheviks along the Trans-Siberian railway. One night a stranger, Samarin, appears from the woods with a tale of escape from an Arctic prison, insisting a cannibal is on his trail. Only Anna, a beautiful young widow, trusts his story. When a local shaman is found dead, suspicion and terror engulf the isolated community, which harbours a secret of its own…

The Man Booker Prize 2005
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James Meek

James Meek

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James Meek was born in London and grew up in Dundee. His novel The People’s Act of Love (2005) has been translated into more than twenty languages.
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