Philip Hensher’s epic portrait of Britain in the Thatcher years, which expertly charts the lives of ordinary people against a history on the move.

Beginning in 1974 and ending with the fading of Thatcher’s government in 1996, The Northern Clemency paints a portrait of an entire era in British history. Set in Sheffield, the narrative explores the lives of two neighbouring families - the Glovers and, newly arrived from London, the Sellers. Over time, the relationships between the members of the two families shift. In the background England, too, is changing.

The Man Booker Prize 2008
Published by
4th Estate
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Philip Hensher

Philip Hensher

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Philip Hensher is an author and journalist who was chosen by Granta to appear on their prestigious, once-a-decade list of the twenty best young British novelists.
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