Wyl Menmuir explores the impact of loss in this unsettling tale, as an outsider in an isolated fishing village is forced to confront a painful truth.

On the surface, Tim’s move to the isolated village on the coast makes perfect sense. But the experience is an increasingly disturbing one. A dead man no one will discuss. Wasted fish hauled from a contaminated sea. The dream of faceless men. Questions that lead to further questions. What truth are the villagers withholding? What fuels their interest and animosity towards him? And what pushes Timothy to dig deeper?

The Man Booker Prize 2016
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Wyl Menmuir

Wyl Menmuir

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Wyl Menmuir’s celebrity as a Booker Prize nominee was cemented when, while swimming near Falmouth in Cornwall, a crow stole his wallet from his unattended trousers and left it in a tree.
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