As a man searches for his missing dog in the Australian bush, it becomes clear that he, too, is lost, in Michelle de Kretser’s rich and subtle tale.

Tom Loxley is holed up in a cottage in the bush, trying to finish his book on Henry James, when his dog goes missing. As Tom searches, it becomes apparent that he needs to unravel other puzzles in his life. The story shifts between past and present, taking in his parents' mixed-race marriage in India, their arrival in Australia in the 1970s, Tom's own failed marriage, and his current involvement with Nelly, an artist with her own secrets and mysteries.

The Man Booker Prize 2008
Published by
Chatto & Windus
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Michelle de Kretser

Michelle de Kretser

About the Author

Given that Michelle de Kretser was born in Sri Lanka, moved to Australia as a teenager and finished her education in Paris, it is no surprise that she was an editor for the Lonely Planet guides.
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