After conflict comes the struggle to reclaim humanity. And, at the centre of it all, a love story, in Shirley Hazzard’s sweeping drama.

In war-torn Asia and stricken Europe, men and women, still young but veterans of harsh experience, must reinvent their lives and expectations, and learn to dream again. Some will fulfil their destinies, others will falter. At the centre of the story, a brave and brilliant soldier finds that survival and worldly achievement are not enough. His counterpart, a young girl living in occupied Japan and tending her dying brother, falls in love, and in the process discovers herself.

The Man Booker Prize 2004
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Shirley Hazzard

Shirley Hazzard

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Shirley Hazzard was born in Sydney, Australia to a Welsh father and Scottish mother. She wrote works of fiction and non-fiction.
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