The mundane and the macabre collide in Beryl Bainbridge’s darkly comic tale about the shockingly unexpected consequences of a young girl’s heartbreak.

Wartime Liverpool is a place of ration books and jobs in munitions factories. Seventeen-year-old Rita, living with her two aunts Nellie and Margo, is emotionally naïve and withdrawn. When she meets Ira, an American soldier, at a neighbour’s party, she falls in love almost as much with the idea of life as a GI bride as with the man himself. But Nellie and Margo are not nearly so blind…

The Booker Prize 1973
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Beryl Bainbridge

Beryl Bainbridge

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Beryl Bainbridge was born in Liverpool, England. In 2008, The Times included Bainbridge in their list of the 10 greatest British writers since 1945.
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