Thomas Keneally’s extraordinary story of one man’s violent revenge against an unjust and intolerant society is based in part on historical events.

Jimmie Blacksmith is a mixed-race man - part aboriginal, part white - living in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century. When Jimmy marries a white woman, the backlash from both his tribe and white society initiates a series of events that rapidly escalate into violence. After abuse and betrayal, Jimmy revolts in a killing spree. Pursued by police and vigilantes, further violence and murders follow with inevitable, tragic results.

The Booker Prize 1972
Published by
Angus & Robertson
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Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally

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Thomas Keneally was born in Sydney, Australia, where he still lives. He began his writing career in 1964 and has published 33 novels since.
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