A new life of bliss in the USA seems to have been granted to Stefan. But then things start to fall apart, in James Lasdun’s cunning political thriller.

A young man in the former East Germany longs for love, glory and freedom - yearnings that express themselves in a lifelong fantasy of going to America. In time, by a series of blackly comic and increasingly dangerous manoeuvres, he contrives to make his fantasy come true, finding himself not only in the country of his dreams, but also married to the woman he idolises. America seems everything he expected and meanwhile his secrets - he thinks - are safely locked away behind the Berlin Wall.
The Man Booker Prize 2006
Published by
Jonathan Cape
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James Lasdun

James Lasdun

About the Author

Novels are just a part of James Lasdun’s output. A much-praised author, he is arguably better known as a short-story writer, and for his memoir about being stalked by a former student.
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