David Storey introduces Colin Pasmore. At night he runs races in his dreams, losing ‘to every dullard and idler in England’. His days are no better.

His life should be joyful; he has a lovely wife, healthy children and a comfortable job. But as he approaches 30, Colin Pasmore feels the walls closing in. He must find a way out before ordinary existence suffocates him. In a desperate attempt to escape routine, Pasmore rents a small room in London, intending to use it for an affair. But adultery does nothing to lessen his burden. As misery threatens to consume his soul, Pasmore asks himself if any life – even a happy one – is worth living.

The Booker Prize 1972
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David Storey

David Storey

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David Storey was born in Wakefield, England. He studied at the Slade School of Art, before a writing career that yielded 15 plays and 11 novels.
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