Sybille Bedford’s evocative semi-autobiographical novel walks the fine line between memory and fiction as it recreates a lost time and place.

Jigsaw is set in the limbo between world wars. The narrator, Billi, tells the story of her scholar-gipsy childhood and of her many teachers, beginning with her father, a pleasure-loving German baron, and her brilliant, beautiful, erratic mother. Later, on the Mediterranean coast of France, she meets the artists and intellectuals who will show her the way to a life’s work in literature, among them Aldous and Maria Huxley.

The Booker Prize 1989
Published by
Hamish Hamilton
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Sybille Bedford

Sybille Bedford

About the Author

Sybille Bedford was born in Charlottenburg, Germany. She published her first book, The Sudden View: A Mexican Journey, in 1953.
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