After a close shave with a hungry tiger, young Jaffy escapes the slums of London. But his destination is uncertain, in Carol Birch’s magical novel.

London, 1857. An 8-year-old street urchin is running along an East End street when he comes face to face with an escaped tiger. Jaffy is plucked from the jaws of death by Mr Jamrach - explorer, entrepreneur and collector of the world’s strangest creatures. Before he knows it, Jaffy finds himself on board a ship bound for the Dutch East Indies, on an unusual commission for Mr Jamrach. His journey will push faith, love and friendship to their utmost limits. If he survives it.

The Man Booker Prize 2011
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Carol Birch

Carol Birch

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Carol Birch is the author of ten novels, including Scapegallows (2008) and Turn Again Home (2003), which was longlisted for the Booker Prize.
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