James Scudamore’s comic, violent and poignant rags-to-riches tale is the story of a man whose appetites risk taking him to the brink of madness.

Leo has returned to the vast city of São Paulo, where he was born in a shantytown. He is now on the opposite side of its social divide. Aged 27, he works for a vacuous ‘communications company’, marketing unwanted, unaffordable products aimed at the very underclass into which he was born. He has developed an obsessive, adulterous love for his adoptive sister, whose husband is his only friend. And he has a hunger that can never be satisfied. Welcome to Leo’s world.

The Man Booker Prize 2009
Published by
Harvill Secker
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James Scudamore

James Scudamore

About the Author

James Scudamore’s peripatetic upbringing provided him with the ‘exposure to other cultures at an impressionable age’ that has informed his four novels to date.
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