The only novel ever published by the playwright Joe Orton (posthumously), this fantasy follows the fortunes of the hero, Gombold, who strays onto the head of a creature some hundred miles high.

Gombold begins a strenuous and eventful journey southward, through the giant’s nether regions and on towards his toes, becoming caught in a gender-bending love affair, thrown in jail, and enlisted in a war between the Left Buttock and Right Buttock dwellers. Will Gombald escape these myriad perils?

Joe Orton’s 1970 novel was longlisted for theĀ Lost Man Booker, in 2010.

Published by
Joe Orton

Joe Orton

About the Author

Joe Orton was an English playwright noted for his black comedies, which combine genteel dialogue with violent and shocking action.
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