Elizabeth Bowen’s portrayal of an unconventional heiress with a huge 'capacity for making trouble, attracting trouble, strewing trouble around her'.

Aged 24, orphaned Eva has finally found a home of sorts in Worcestershire with her former schoolteacher, Iseult Arbles. From a safe distance in London, her guardian, Constantine, assumes all is well. But Eva’s flighty, romantic nature hasn’t entirely clicked with the Arbles household, and she is plotting to escape. When she sets out to hock her Jaguar and disappear without a trace, she unwittingly leaves a paper trail for her various custodians - and all kinds of trouble - to follow.

The Booker Prize 1970
Published by
Cape, Penguin
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Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen

About the Author

Elizabeth Bowen was an Irish-British writer whose fiction, including her ghost stories, demonstrate her interest in ‘life with the lid on and what happens when the lid comes off’.
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