Patricia Grace's rich and dramatic novel, threaded with humour, presents a powerful picture of the Maori people in modern times.

Like Grace’s award-winning novel Potiki before it, Dogside Story is set in a Maori coastal community, where the power of the land and the strength of the clan - the whanau - are life-preserving forces. But there are deep conflicts stirring in the whanau. Meanwhile, wider events are encroaching as visitors head toward this East Coast site. There are plans to be put into action, there’s money to be made, and there’s high drama as the millennium turns….

The Booker Prize 2001
Published by
The Women's Press
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Patricia Grace

Patricia Grace

About the Author

The New Zealand author Patricia Grace, a writer of novels, short stories and children’s books, was longlisted for the 2001 Booker Prize for her fifth novel Dogside Story.
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