In the central volume of Lawrence Durrell's ‘quincunx’ - The Avignon Quintet - the party is over and the world is in the throes of the 1939-45 war.

The idyllic last summer of Livia seems now forever in the past, but figures from other times and other places loom up in the twilight zone between the real and imagined worlds: Constance herself, professionally expert in Freudian analysis, but discovering passion for the first time; her tragic, doomed sister Livia; the mercurial Prince Hassad; shaggy, lumbering Rob Sutcliffe, who here at last comes face to face with his creator, Aubrey Blanford, in a significant encounter.

The Booker Prize 1982
Published by
Faber & Faber
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Lawrence Durrell

Lawrence Durrell

About the Author

Lawrence Durrell was born in Jalandhar, India. A versatile writer, his work includes novels, plays, travel writing, criticism, short stories and poems.
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