A grieving widow embarks on a quest to vindicate her husband in Michael Redhill’s remarkable exploration of the power of place, home and memory.

Toronto, 1856. J.G. Hallam takes up the new science of photography, and embarks on a project to document the bleak young city. His ship sinks in a violent storm on Lake Ontario - and the strongbox holding the photographs is lost. Over 150 years later, the shoreline of the harbour has shifted dramatically. Shortly before his untimely death, Professor David Hollis speculates that the sunken ship lies where the city's new Union Arena is to be built. But his findings are met with howls of derision.

The Man Booker Prize 2007
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Michael Redhill

Michael Redhill

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Although Michael Redhill was born in Maryland, he was raised and educated in Canada. As well as fiction he writes poetry and plays, and has published several novels under the name Inger Ash Wolfe.
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