Nicola Barker’s ribald and outrageous peep show of a novel is a caustic examination of the circus surrounding an illusionist’s starvation stunt.

On 5th September 2003, New York Illusionist David Blaine entered a small perspex box adjacent to the River Thames and commenced starving himself. Forty-four days later - on 19th October - he left the box, four stone lighter. That much, at least, is clear. And the rest? Nicola Barker bares the heart of our contemporary world, a world of illusion, delusion, celebrity and hunger.

The Man Booker Prize 2004
Published by
4th Estate
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Nicola Barker

Nicola Barker

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Nicola Barker was named as one of the 20 Best Young British Novelists by Granta in 2005. Her work has been translated into over a dozen languages.
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