In the evening of his life, a wealthy man begins to wonder if he might have missed the point, in Hwang Sok-yong’s wise and thoughtful novel. Translated by Sora Kim-Russell.

Park Minwoo is a success. Born into poverty in Seoul, he has ridden the wave of development in a rapidly modernising society. His hard work and ambition have brought him wealth and satisfaction. But when his company is investigated for corruption, he’s forced to reconsider his role in the transformation of his country. At the same time, he receives an unexpected message from a woman that he once loved, and then betrayed. As memories return unbidden, he begins to reassess his successful life.

The Man Booker International Prize 2019
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Hwang Sok-yong

Hwang Sok-yong

About the Author

Hwang Sok-yong was born in Changchun, China, in January 1943.
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Sora Kim-Russell

Sora Kim-Russell

About the Translator

Sora Kim-Russell was born in Florida, USA, in March 1976.
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