Gabriela Wiener is a Peruvian writer and journalist living in Madrid.

Her publications include the literary non-fiction books Sexografías (Sexographies, a collection of gonzo journalism about contemporary sex culture) and Llamada Perdida (stories of borders and migrants); the novels Nine Moons (feminist autofiction about maternity) and Huaco retrato (Undiscovered, finalist for the Inrockuptibles Prize and the Finestres Literary Prize and named a book of the year in El País and El Mundo); as well as a volume of interviews with others about her life, Dicen de mí, and the poetry collections Ejercicios para el endurecimiento del espíritu and Una pequeña fiesta llamada eternidad. Her work has been widely published in anthologies and has been translated into English, Portuguese, Polish, French, Norwegian and Italian.

Wiener’s early work was published in the Peruvian magazine Etiqueta Negra. She went on to act as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire in Spain and as a columnist for the New York Times en Español. She now writes about racism and colonialism for various media outlets and publishes a weekly column for Wiener won a Peruvian National Award of Journalism for an investigative report on a case of gender-based violence in which the aggressor was a National Literary Award laureate. Wiener has crafted several performances which she has performed with her family, most recently the play Qué locura enamorarme yo de ti, and she currently works on a literary residency project and artistic community for migrants called Sudakasa in Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

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Black, yellow, orange, pink and purple book cover of Undiscovered by Gabriela Wiener showing a broken aztec statue.