Ariana Harwicz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 1977.

She studied screenwriting and drama in Argentina, earning a first degree in Performing Arts from the University of Paris VII as well as a Master’s degree in comparative literature from the Sorbonne. She has taught screenwriting and written two plays, which have been staged in Buenos Aires. Die, My Love is her first novel to be translated into English, and was named best novel of 2012 by the Argentinian daily La Nación. It is currently being adapted for theatre in Buenos Aires and Israel, and has just been republished by Mardulce in Argentina. The novel is the first of an ‘involuntary’ trilogy, followed by La débil mental (Feebleminded) (2014) and Precoz (Precocious) (2015). 

Ariana Harwicz

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