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Submissions Guidelines for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction

Submissions Guidelines for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction

As from 2014, the system by which publishers submit books for the Man Booker Prize is going to change. From 2014 on, the number of books a publisher can submit will depend on that publisher’s inclusion in longlists over the previous five years, as follows:

1 submission - publishers with no listing
2 submissions - publishers with 1 or 2 longlisting(s)
3 submissions - publishers with 3 or 4 longlistings
4 submissions - publishers with 5 or more longlistings

This means that the number of submissions for each publisher may change year on year.

The system whereby publishers may also submit a list of up to five further titles for consideration is unaffected and the judges will continue to be required to call in no fewer than eight and no more than twelve of these titles. The judges may also call in any book which has not been submitted but which they believe worthy of consideration.

The rule which allows submission of any new title by an author who has previously been shortlisted for the Booker (pre 2002) or Man Booker Prize remains.