In a brilliant, riotous tale full of macabre humour, Daniel Kehlmann lifts a jester legend from German folklore and puts him into the Thirty Years War. Translated by Ross Benjamin.

He’s a trickster, a player, a jester. His handshake’s like a pact with the devil, his smile like a crack in the clouds. On the battlefield he will run faster than cannonballs. In the courts he will trick the heads of state. As a travelling entertainer, his journey will take him across the land and into the heart of a never-ending war. Between the quests of fat counts, witch-hunters and scheming queens, Tyll dances his mocking fugue; exposing the folly of kings and the wisdom of fools.

The 2020 International Booker Prize
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Riverrun, Quercus
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Daniel Kehlmann

Daniel Kehlmann

About the Author

Daniel Kehlmann was born in Munich and lives in Vienna, Berlin and New York. His books regularly become bestsellers in Germany.
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Ross Benjamin

Ross Benjamin

About the Translator

Ross Benjamin is a prizewinning translator and writes literary criticism for The Times Literary Supplement, among other publications.
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