In the first book of Manil Suri’s three-volume series The Hindu Gods, an ordinary man slips beyond this world as all around him life continues.

Vishnu, the odd-job man in a Bombay apartment block, lies dying on the staircase landing. Around him the lives of the apartment dwellers unfold - the warring housewives on the first floor, the lovesick teenagers on the second, and the widower, alone and quietly grieving at the top of the building. In a fevered state, Vishnu looks back on his love affair with the seductive Padmini and comedy becomes tragedy as his life draws to a close.
The Booker Prize 2001
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Manil Suri

Manil Suri

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An Indian-American mathematician who started writing in his spare time was longlisted for The Death of Vishnu, begun six years earlier, and the first volume of a trilogy named after Hindu deities.
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