Gerald Donovan’s chilling narrative about civil war. In a field in Europe, two men are separated by a deepening grave. But only one of them is digging.

In an unnamed European village, in the middle of a civil war, one man digs while another watches over him. Gradually, they begin to talk. Over the course of the afternoon, as the snow falls and truck-loads of villagers are corralled in the next field, we discover why they are there - not just who they are and how sinister events in their country have led them to be separated by a deepening grave, but why the history of civilization is inseparable from the history of mass violence.

The Man Booker Prize 2003
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Gerard Donovan

Gerard Donovan

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The Irish writer Gerard Donovan was longlisted for his debut novel, Schopenhauer's Telescope, a history-infused philosophical tale of stoicism, death and inhumanity.
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