David Nicholls’ comic history of a family in jeopardy, recounted over the course of what may well be their final weeks together.

Douglas Petersen’s 21-year-old marriage to Connie is almost over. When autumn comes around, their son Albie will leave for university. Connie has decided to leave soon after. But there’s still the summer holiday to get through - a Grand Tour of Europe’s major cities. Over the course of this epic journey, Douglas devises a cunning plan to win back the love of his wife and repair his troubled relationship with his son.

The Man Booker Prize 2014
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David Nicholls

David Nicholls

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David Nicholls’s began his career as an actor, under the stage name David Holdaway, before becoming a novelist and television and film scriptwriter, adapting his own works and classic novels.
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I think I wanted to get away from the idea of marriage or people getting together as the end of the story. I want to kind of write love stories but not write the obvious and familiar

A literary and anthropological tour de force… astute and packed with brilliant observations, about life, art, culture and the infinite possibilities for human disappointment. I honestly can’t imagine loving a novel much more.

— Christina Patterson reviewing Us for The Sunday Times

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