James Kelman offers us a harrowing glimpse into a realm where power is unchecked and liberties are few or nonexistent.

Taking us into an unnamed territory that appears to be under military rule, Kelman creates a world that many know or have known, a world that may one day be thrust upon us, conjuring a grim awareness of the instability that lurks behind the veneer of order in any country. Combining dark, Kafkaesque visions with uncompromising, Beckett-like prose, Kelman has written a novel that is often shocking yet surprisingly poignant, and totally unforgettable.

The Booker Prize 2001
Published by
Secker & Warburg
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James Kelman

James Kelman

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James Kelman was born in Glasgow. His novel How Late It Was, How Late won the 1994 Booker Prize.
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