Nicholas Shakespeare’s moving drama follows a doctor searching for the girl he abandoned 19 years ago. Who is she now? And how will he ever find her?

A young Englishman visits Cold War Leipzig and falls for an East German girl who is only just beginning to wake up to the way her society is governed. Her situation touches him, but he is too frightened to help. He spends decades convincing himself that he is not in love until one day, with Germany now reunited, he decides to go back and look for her. But how will his actions have affected her, and how will her find her? All he knows of her identity is the nickname he gave her - Snowleg.

The Man Booker Prize 2004
Published by
Nicholas Shakespeare

Nicholas Shakespeare

About the Author

As a former newspaper literary editor, Nicholas Shakespeare had written about innumerable Booker Prizes before he found himself longlisted and suddenly a participant rather than an observer.
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