In Christoph Ransmayr’s deeply moving novel, an adventurous expedition to find a mythical mountain becomes a quest to understand the mystery of love. Translated by Simon Pare.

The Flying Mountain is the story of two brothers who leave the southwest coast of Ireland on an expedition to the mountains of eastern Tibet - looking for an untamed, unnamed mountain that represents perhaps the last blank spot on the map. As they near their goal, the brothers find their past, and their rivalry, inescapable. As they are drawn farther and farther from the world they once knew, tragedy strikes. Only one of the brothers will return. Transformed by his loss, he starts life anew.

The Man Booker International Prize 2018
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Seagull Books
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Christoph Ransmayr

Christoph Ransmayr

About the Author

Christoph Ransmayr was born in Wels, Upper Austria, in March 1954.
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Simon Pare

About the Translator

Simon Pare was born in Pembury, England, in July 1972.
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