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Love in the New Millennium...

‘I think of this book as the fruit born of the love between Eastern and Western cultures’ Read

The Shape of the Ruins...

‘It’s a privilege to immerse yourself in someone else’s imagined world and recreate a work of

Drive Your Plow Over The...

‘It’s a classic murder mystery that starts with a dead body.’ Author Olga Tokarczuk tells us

The Faculty of Dreams...

‘The author is never the perfect character witness when it comes to describing their own novels

The Death of Murat Idrissi...

In our next Man Booker International Prize 2019 longlist interview, author Tommy Wieringa

The Years interview

‘I was exhilarated by passages that seem to take flight, in which one is swept across decades

Celestial Bodies interview

‘Omanis, through their writing, invite others to look at Oman with an open mind and heart.’ 

Four Soliders interview

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The Remainder interview

“There is definitely a freedom in translating madness, but no safety whatsoever.” In this Man