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Rewriting Hilary Mantel

A brilliantly garbled short item on about Hilary Mantel’s memories of winning

Anne Enright: In...

2007 Man Booker Prize winner, Anne Enright, in conversation with Dr Clare Hutton at

The perils of a Booker...

Bernardine Evaristo is finding that her raised profile, courtesy of being named joint winner of

The need to read flexibly

Speaking at Futurebook Live, The Bookseller’s annual publishing conference, Gaby Wood the

Prize words for Atwood

Margaret Atwood The 2019 Booker Prize joint winner
Margaret Atwood, joint winner of this year’s Booker Prize, has had a rare taste of defeat, in

Tomorrow the world...

Controlling the narrative is what novelists do and Jokha Alharthi, winner of the 2019 Man

The Bookerites who shaped...

The BBC has just released a list of “the 100 novels that shaped our world”. A whopper of a

Atwood wells up

As Margaret Atwood has said more than once, at 79 and with a lifetime of achievement under her

The Booker Prize bounce,...

So, for all the fuss, the Booker Prize does what the Booker Prize always does. The prize winner