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The 2014 Man Booker Prize for Fiction Longlist

The 2014 Man Booker Prize for Fiction Longlist

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, our announcement of the Man Booker ‘dozen’, the 12 or 13 books to make the longlist, has prompted discussion and debate amongst book fans around the world.  Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about this year’s longlist – we hope this helps answer some of your queries.

How many books are submitted to the judges?

The judges received 154 books this year. Books are submitted by established United Kingdom publishers. Full submissions rules can be found here.

How many of the books submitted were by American authors?

The submissions process is strictly confidential and therefore we cannot disclose any information about the authors’ nationality, gender or age.

How many books were submitted by female authors?

As above.

Why are a number of the longlisted novels not yet published?

Books published between 1 October to 30 September are eligible and the contemporaneous nature of the prize is one of the Man Booker Prize’s strengths.  Since 2002 we have made public the longlist which occasionally features some titles that are yet to be published.  As publication dates are arranged long in advance with a lot of preparation, it is not always easy for publishers to change dates. Some of the dates have, however, been brought forward - Full details of publication date changes can be found here.

How is a crowdfunded book (Paul Kingsnorth’s The Wake) eligible for the prize but a self-published book is not?

The Wake is published by Unbound, who are both a funding platform and a publisher.  The difference between Unbound and other publishers is that they only publish a book once the idea has gained a certain number of supporters via their platform. 

For a book to be considered for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction it must have a UK based publisher.  Thus The Wake is qualified because it is published by Unbound. A self-published book without a UK publisher does not qualify under the submissions rules.