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Salman RushdiE

Ishiguro, the Nobel and...

Amid the global interest in (and approval of) Kazuo Ishiguro being awarded the Nobel Prize for

Marlon James and the Iron...

With less than a week to go before the announcement of the Man Booker shortlist on the 13th of

Calm down Kamila

One of this year's Man Booker nominees in particular is having a frantic time of things. No

Game of Man Bookers

Aravind Adiga
If you’ve ever wondered what the inspiration behind Game of Thrones might be, it is unlikely

The University of Man Booker

This column tries to keep self-back-patting to a minimum but it nevertheless feels a warm glow

Arise Dame Hilary

‘Nobody should go into a trade like writing expecting applause, or universal approval, or even

Weekly Roundup: The...

There is a neat link (besides the Man Booker imprimatur) between this year’s Man Booker

Recollections of the Man...

Following our announcement that the Man Booker Prize archive is on display at Oxford Brookes

Weekly Roundup: What does...

It's official, Hilary Mantel is more than just a writer. The serial Man Booker winner has just

Weekly Roundup: More Mantel...

Are there any prizes left for Hilary Mantel to win? Fresh from her Man Booker Prize and Costa